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2012 rates adjusted for county sewer customers


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Spokane County commissioners have set sewer rates for the next year, and they won’t be all that bad for Spokane Valley residents.
In November, the Board of County Commissioners held a public hearing to consider adjusting sewer rates beginning the new year.  At the end of the hearing, the Spokane County commissioners voted unanimously to cancel the previously adopted 4-percent rate increase scheduled for Jan. 1. Instead, all sewer customers will have 2012 rates that are lower than those that were previously adopted. 
Customers in Spokane County’s unincorporated areas will have 2012 rates that are lower than the current 2011 rates.
The monthly bill for sewer service and the recently opened wastewater treatment plant charges for a single- family residence in unincorporated Spokane County will drop from $45.04 in 2011 to $44.41 in 2012. Reduced rate residences will continue to be 20-percent lower than single-family residential rates.
The monthly bill for duplexes in unincorporated Spokane County will drop from $90.08 to $88.82.
The bill that comes for multifamily and commercial/industrial customers will depend on the number of apartment units, or on the amount of water used by the commercial/industrial customers, but the change in rates for these customers will generally be proportional to the change in rate for a single-family residence.
Meanwhile, in the city of Spokane Valley, consistent with a 2004 agreement between the city and Spokane County, Aquifer Protection Area fees collected in Spokane Valley now revert to the city – and there will be a slight uptick in costs.
The city has opted to use the APA fees for the enhancement of Spokane Valley’s stormwater system to help protect the aquifer. This represents a change in the use of the APA fees that have previously been used for wastewater purposes, say county officials.
The reversion of APA fees will proportionally impact the sewer rates for all customers in the city of Spokane Valley.
As an example, for single-family residences within the city of Spokane Valley, it will cost $1.10 per month to replace the APA fee revenues that were previously used for wastewater purposes. This will result in a net increase of 47-cents to the total monthly sewer service bill for a single-family residence in 2012.
For more information, go to www.spokanecounty.org/utilities or call the utilities office at 477-3604.

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